Inspiration & Creation

Serving customers with excellent plates Achieve employees with career, spiritual cultivation and moral cultivation Repay the society with gratitude, reason and responsibility

Huida Mission

Keep an eye on the market, be honest and trustworthy, and be realistic on the spot

Enterprise Style

Make efficient and high-quality products, pursue win-win cooperation

Business Philosophy

Everyone is truth-seeking and pragmatic, helping each other, and achieving you and me

Team Concept

Continuous learning and self-growth, so that you have the ability to be more valuable

Growth Concept

Salary is the result of labor that you actively put into action

Salary Philosophy

Careful, careful, self-inspection, mutual inspection, character determines the product

Quality Concept

According to the goal, there is no excuse, act now, pursue perfection

Execution Philosophy

Integrity, pragmatism, rationality, diligence, responsibility

Core Value

Company Culture