Reasonable construction of control methods for commercial CTP applications

To apply commercial CTP well, it is necessary to integrate all hardware equipment, software tools and process control in the existing production process with new thinking and new vision, scientifically analyze and summarize each control node of the original process, and understand the impact of each node on product production quality.
The role of efficiency and efficiency, so that commercial CTP can truly become a bridge to transmit printing information.

At present, the contents of commercial CTP application control methods mainly include the following four aspects.

(1) Control the accuracy of printing information delivered by commercial CTP, that is, pay attention to, evaluate and select the most suitable CTP and its control parameters according to its own real printing conditions and quality levels.

(2) To ensure that CTP accurately provides the best information that needs to be conveyed during the printing process, that is, on the basis of analyzing the possible side effects of excessive dot reproduction accuracy on the process, optimize the different dot transfer rules according to printing conditions and printing materials. Dot reproduction requirements for type printed products.

(3) Optimizing and improving commercial CTP technology to upgrade traditional processes, that is, summarizing and building a modeled process structure, improving the reliability of commercial CTP applications, and realizing high-precision digital control parameter acquisition, error processing and setting.

(4) When choosing commercial CTP plates according to product requirements, the different characteristics of the company's commercial printing must be fully considered. For commercial prints that emphasize printing quality, especially those with high-gloss and dark-tone dot reproduction. Such as exquisite picture albums, advertisements, etc., it is advisable to use CTP plates with large gamma coefficient and good dot uniformity. For commercial printing that emphasizes speed, such as color books or general promotional materials, choose CTP plates with moderate gamma coefficient and dot uniformity.