HUIDA 2023 Responsibility Documents of Operation Target

Huida Signing Ceremony of the 2023 Responsibility Documents of Operation Target was successfully completed

Huida Signing Ceremony of the 2023 Responsibility Documents of Operation Target was successfully completed

On the afternoon of 6th February, Henan Huida Print--All Technology Co., Ltd. held a signing ceremony of the “2023 Responsibility Documents of Operation Target", attended by all senior executives and cadres above the middle level. The purpose of signing the "Responsibility Documents of Operation Target" is to clarify the company's strategic goals and determine work plans, as well as enhance the staff’s conscientiousness, so that each person present at the ceremony can make every endeavor to complete respective goals and tasks, and let everyone deeply understand the heavy responsibility on their shoulders.

general director address in the meeting

After the general director analyzed the strategic goals of Henan Huida in 2023, the middle and high-level leaders were full of enthusiasm and emotions. They deeply felt the importance and necessity of signing the "Responsibility Document for Goals", and all expressed that they would join hands with one heart and one mind to accomplish the same goals.

senior executives and cadres above the middle level  present in the ceremony

"Everyone bears a heavy burden because everyone has goals on their heads." After the signing of the responsibility document of target, they had the deeper thoughts: we must conscientiously perform the duties of the first person responsible, keep the goals and responsibilities in mind, reflect them in daily work, and implement them in positive actions. Invigorate the spirit, strengthen confidence, take effective measures, coordinate and arrange various tasks, and speed up the pace of work and progress.
Finally, the general director pointed out: Standing at a new historical starting point, all Huida cadres and employees must keep firm confidence, stay true to the mission, and vision of corporate development, anchor new goals, sound the charge, start a decisive battle, and start a sprint. Go all out to fight the new year's pioneering battle to ensure that the goals of Henan Huida will be achieved successfully in 2023.
The goal has been set, and the responsibility has been divided. Concentrate all efforts to compose a new chapter together!

Henan Huida Print-All Technology Co., Ltd is specialization and large-scale printing plate manufacturer. The company was established in 2003, it has two production bases with a registered capital of 50 million CNY and the investment scale is 600 million CNY. The address of the Huida factory is located in Dazhou Industrial Park, Changge City, Henan Province. It is adjacent to Beijing-Guangzhou Railway, No.107 National Road, Beijing-Hong Kong-Macao Expressway, and 40 kilometers away from Zhengzhou International Airport in the north. It has a superior business environment and obvious regional advantages.

The company has four high-speed production lines, the main products include CTCP(UV-CTP) Plate, Single Layer Thermal CTP Plate and Double Layer Thermal CTP Plate. At present, the annual output is 40 million square meters. The product performance has reached international standards and has been recognized and praised by the market. The domestic market share is over 10%. At the same time, Huida brand printing plate has exported to dozens of countries in Europe, Southeast Asia, America, and Africa. In addition, the second production base is under rapid construction, it includes four production lines. The future is promising.

The company's products use high-quality aluminum plate base and international advanced multi-layer graining technology. The quality of the product is stable, and it has good graphic hierarchy reproduction, high resolution and long run length. The product quality has reached the HG/T2694-2003 standard and passed the ISO-9001 international quality system certification.

Independent innovation is the driving force for the company's development. The company has invested 10 million CNY to establish a "Printing Plate Engineering Technology Research and Development Center" for the R&D of printing plates. This center currently has 21 professional and technical personnel of various types, including 12 intermediate and senior professional and technical personnel. The center site area is 780 square meters and has more than 20 sets of advanced professional R&D, testing and other equipment. More than 100 items of Independent Intellectual Property Rights have been formed successively.
The vision of Huida is to manufacture the most trusted products for global printing companies. Quality, price and speed are our service tenet. Credit, coordination and cooperation are the foundation of our business. Unity, innovation and truth-seeking are our enterprise spirit. We will, as always, repay the elites of the printing industry with the printing plates that keep improving.

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