Application of CTCP technology

Application of CTCP technology

  1. Field of application

CTCP is widely used in newspaper printing, book printing, simple embossing, and complex commercial printing. CTCP can show its talents. Especially for small and medium-sized printing companies, it is worth considering.

  1. PS plate of the new life

PS plate has always occupied an absolutely dominant position in offset printing. Its excellent water and ink affinity, high printing durability and image reproduction ability, easy operation, and stable quality control all provide a good guarantee for offset printing. In particular, the production scale and sales system of domestic PS plates are very mature. The PS plate has the characteristics of high quality and low price, so CTCP technology makes the traditional PS plate glow with new vitality.

  1. Application in the field of packaging and printing

For a long time, CTP technology has been mainly used in the fields of book printing, commercial printing, and newspaper printing. Therefore, it is believed that only in the printing fields where the graphic design is relatively simple, the color reproduction is relatively standard, and the printing production is relatively easy can the savings of CTP technology be fully utilized. However, if the printed job has complex packaging patterns, varied image colors (especially spot color reproduction), and complex printing and post-processing procedures, CTP technology will be difficult to achieve in terms of quality, efficiency, and cost. and other aspects to win comprehensively.

However, with the continuous development and refinement of the printing demand market, CTP technology has been widely used in corrugated paper, trademarks, food, medicine, soft plastic packaging, and other fields. In particular, the emergence of CTCP technology has made its production performance meet the requirements of packaging and printing and has become a new choice for high-quality packaging and printing of paper and metal.

(1) Meet the high-quality requirements of packaging and printing

High-quality packaging printing has very strict requirements on the quality of plate-making printing, not only requiring accurate overprinting, clear layers, and accurate color reproduction. It also requires a higher screen line count and an absolutely clean printing layout.

CTCP uses computers to directly image graphic data on ordinary PS plates, which saves the process of film output, printing, and manual imposition and improves the efficiency and quality of plate making. At the same time, the positioning of CTCP is precise, the error is only ±2 microns, and it can well complete the image reproduction of 250 lines per inch screen, which fully meets the requirements of fine plate-making for packaging and printing.

(2) There are special multi-color and spot-color overall workflow solutions

High-quality packaging products are always beautifully designed, brightly colored, high-quality printed matter with vivid graphics and vivid colors. However, there is currently a lack of unified standards for color transmission and color management in the printing industry. To complete the complex design of packaging products, multi-color, and spot-color reproduction and printing has become the most difficult problem for printing factories to solve. In response to these problems, CTCP has equipped a set of overall workflow solutions tailored for packaging and printing. The program consists of a CTCP packaging workflow and a packaging dedicated color measurement software package. Color management and digital proofing system. And the ink design and matching software package consist of 4 parts. It can accurately, stably, and quickly complete complex multi-color and spot-color design, independent color separation, measurement, output, matching, calibration, and management to ensure that graphics and text with multi-color or spot-color information are used in the design, plate making, and printing Reliable and stable transfer copying and printing in the process.

(3) The application in the field of packaging and printing is gratifying

Many large and medium-sized packaging and printing enterprises in China have introduced CTCP technology. Complete the design and plate making of multi-color, spot-color, and other packaging products.

  1. existing problems

Although the conditions of CTCP technology are generally good in all aspects, due to some shortcomings of the CTCP system itself and the market's maturity, many prepress companies and printing manufacturers dare not act rashly. On the other hand, maybe this technique is not perfect and there are still some problems. For example, the exposure of the current CTCP technology uses mechanical positioning instead of optical positionings like thermal equipment and violet laser equipment. What CTCP technology adopts is the form of flat plate making, rather than faster drum design, etc., which limits its promotion and application to a certain extent.

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